Patient Success Stories

Meena, 44 female
Mumbai, India

I am writing this as an update after I had my three-month check-up with my doctor, Interventional Radiologist. My adenomyosis has decreased in size by more than a half and Dr Pradeep Muley said that it would continue to shrink.
Right after the procedure my periods were kind of irregular. I never knew when they would start or if they would start at all. Now I’m getting them every month and can tell almost to the day when they will start… I am really glad I found out about you and your website. It’s such a relief to have an alternative to surgery.

Name ,39 Female
New Delhi, India

(via E-Mail)

I just came across an article on treating Uterine Adenomyosis in an old newspaper in september 2008. In the article it was mentioned that if patient wants to retain uterus, then two methods are available—
1) Removal of uterus surgically and
2) Blocking its blood supply and waiting for its atrophy.
I would like to elaborate on second method which I myself has undergone. Very-very few people are aware of this method and even if they ask their gynaecologist about this method, they are not given correct or full information as they are not doing this treatment. This treatment is called Uterine artery Embolization which is a highly skilled technique using advanced machines and is excellent for the patients convenience. Only 24 hrs admission is needed, need just mild anaesthesia, no cut on belly and patient can walk back home on next day. Women those working can join their office in a day or two. Presently only one expert doctor in Delhi is doing this procedure, Dr Pradeep Muley, an Interventional Radiologists. I got my treatment done at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj about 2 months back and I am more than satisfied with this treatment.
I would like that people be made aware of this type of treatment so that many unnecessary hysterectomies be avoided in young patients and who would like to retain their uterus without any morbidity and recurrence.

V. Laxami, 40 female
Bangalore, India

Before embolization, my symptoms were excessive, heavy bleeding, blood clots, painful cramps, lower back aches. I was really fatigued and stressed and I felt real bloated and just miserable, basically. My doctor said that I had to have a myomectomy. (I was diagnosed 4cm size of fibroid)
I gone through the myomectomy because I had all kind of symptoms when my doctor told me just after the surgery it was not the fibroid but the Adenomyosis. I was very disappointed and shoked, gone home waited for a month but in next monthly period again my problem are the same as before my surgery. Now I wanted all kind of knowledge for adenomyosis particularly non-surgical treatments. I found out about embolization from a friend of mine who had sent me an article from Times of India, English daily news paper, written by Dr.Pradeep Muley, an Interventional Radiologist. I found out that it wasn’t going to be as invasive as a myomectomy.

Adenomyosis embolization has changed my life because I no longer have to worry about the excessive bleeding, or will I have stains on my clothes, I can walk around, and I no longer have this aching in my lower back. I just feel so free.