Confused about the disease and wants to confirm it? Your doctor will suspect the disease if you have very painful, heavy and prolonged periods, cramping pain with passage of blood clots, a continuous feeling of bloated abdomen and lower abdominal pain. Confirmation is by Ultrasound test or MRI of Pelvis.
The disease is very similar to uterine fibroids, in appearance as well as signs / symptoms, hence many a times wrongly diagnosed as fibroids. Fibroids are discrete, focal and can be counted unless numerous. Adenomyosis is diffuse ill-defined and cannot be clearly demarcated from normal uterine wall tissues. It commonly
Feeling frustrated from the disease and wants to get rid of it? But even more scared when told by your family doctor or gynaecologist that the only treatment for adenomyosis is removal of uterus i.e. Hysterectomy? No need to panic and no need of hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is no longer needed