Suffering from uterine adenomyosis?

The disease is very similar to uterine fibroids, in appearance as well as signs / symptoms, hence many a times wrongly diagnosed as fibroids. Fibroids are discrete, focal and can be counted unless numerous. Adenomyosis is diffuse ill-defined and cannot be clearly demarcated from normal uterine wall tissues. It commonly involves the entire uterus making it large, globular and heavy where normal uterine wall tissues appear distorted.

Why it occurs: In this condition, cells lining the uterine cavity called endometrial tissues seeps into the muscular uterine wall. During menstruation, these cells bleed into the wall, causing severe pain. In due course, due to continuous inflammation / irritation, muscle tissue becomes fibrous and more painful. The uterine cavity gets compressed by swollen muscle tissue and ultimately disappears. During menstruation, bleeding is excessive, and in the form of thick clots, with severe cramping pain.

So what is the treatment?: No need to remove the uterus i.e. (hysterectomy) as commonly advised by your family doctor or Gynecologist. Latest and new age treatment for Uterine Adenomyosis is Uterine Artery Embolization – A non-surgical treatment with only one day hospitalization. The most popular treatment in developed western countries is now available in India in New Delhi.

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